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Fundraisers for Schools, Non-profits, Clubs

Schools and organizations are always looking for fun financially rewarding fundraisers. Look no more!  The answer is Mini Golf!!!  How would you like a 75% profit margin? Our Mini Golf courses are the perfect way to boost sales at your next fair, field day or family night. We have 9-hole and 18-hole courses to accommodate the size of your function. 

Mini Golf is a game that everyone can play, it exudes excitement and more than pays for itself. For you, our 9-hole course starts at $295 for 4 hours. For as little as $2 per person, it's an easy money maker for your organization! How you make money is up to you, here are a few options:

  • $1 per hole that they don't win (potential of $9 per hole)
  • $5 per game per person
  • $5/3 chances at a hole-in-one
  • $10 per game but you get your money back if you win
  • $40 per foursome
  • $80 per foursome for dinner & a game

Inquire about our:

'Mini' Golf tournaments require less time, money and manpower than a traditional tournament.

Mini Golf Triatholons provide a sompetitive edge to your event.

Mini Golf Marathons, host a 12 or 24 hour marathon with a prize going to the last team standing. 

Newsletter Campaign - you can earn 25% of all rentals resulting from your supporters.


But wait, there's more, we have another special offer for schools and non-profits:

If we book 5 parties within 72 hours of your event, we'll donate the amount of your rental to your school or organization!